Saturday, October 16, 2010

Loot of the Day and Apartment-viewing again

Hello! I am just feeling so energetic everyday in Tokyo! I move about a lot and I walk about an hour each day, but surprisingly I am not tired at all! Back in Singapore, I always felt so lethargic, even after a quick run to the market. I just wanted to stay at home all day. But in Tokyo, I want to go out all day and meet new people! ^^

Take today for example! I went out bright and early to another real estate agent to view 2 more apartments and back to the dorm after that. Went out again to an International Association to meet a member of my host family, a nice old lady. ^^ And then to the supermarket and back to the dorm. After a while, I was out again to view the apartment that I like for the 2nd time. I am not tired and I still have the energy to blog! Ha!

Anyhoo, here is my loot of the day! Just bought some stationary from 100yen shop and some magazines.

Halloween Kit Kat Minis in Caramel Pudding flavour. Very super yummy! I ate 5 in a row!

68kcal x 5.   
Oh this is bad. 

Folders from 100yen shop. 

Clear holders made of CORN STARCH!

Explanation of the product in Engrish. You can more or less understand it. It is a product that is biodegradable and thus environmentally-friendly. 

A Rilakkuma Fan magazine that comes with a free small bag and a little Rilakkuma. 

An interior design mag with a free pouch from Natural Kitchen.

I need to start planning the interior of my apartment. And speaking of apartments, I saw another one that I like! 

The first apartment I viewed today was old and creepy and SMELLY. It smelled like something DIED in there. Yucks. 

The second apartment was a very spacious one in a nice neighbourhood. I felt good when I stepped in and it has a really big built-in closet! It is clean and I felt really at ease when I was in the room! And it is very much cheaper (in terms of first payment) compared to the previous apartment that I was in love with. 

And one very important thing! 

I swear that my agent looks like Sakurai Sho from Arashi! 

My real estate agent (No lah this is the real Sho-kun haha). 
'Would you buy a house from me?' 

Sho-kun taking me for a drive around the neighbourhood. Tee hee. 

And here is a sneak peek at my Dream Home no. 2!

Hope it will work out between me and Sho-kun. Hahahaha. ^^ 


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